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Best Hosting For WordPress in 2021

You need the good hosting for your WordPress website to make it a success story. The good WordPress hosting improves the SEO of your site. We at use Namecheap,…

2021: Top Security Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS; however, it is vulnerable. Almost every day, thousands of websites fall prey to the dirty business of hackers. Hackers could attack all those websites…
WordPress exhausted memory error

How to fix WordPress exhausted memory error

For the proper working of WordPress, you have to have enough PHP memory limit on your WordPress without which your website stops working. Imagine a situation opening up your site,…
Divi Theme Homepage WordPress

How to Make a Sticky Header in Divi

Go to the Divi -> Theme Builder and then choose Add Global Header. 2. Go to the Section Setting and add the ID. 3. Go to Divi -> Custom CSS…

How to Install a WordPress Theme?

Do you own a WordPress website and want to install a good WordPress theme? If yes, then you might need this guide.  Thousands of WordPress themes are available. If your…

How to Fix Broken WordPress Installation?

WordPress, like any other software, can break, which will cause a website owner quite a little bit of anxiety. This will be caused by plugins, file corruption, database issues, or several other things. Here at…

How to Fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

Introduction The web definitions of the 500 internal server errors are not clear. Primarily, there’s no actual indication of what went incorrect and caused the error.  So if you want to fix this WordPress error…