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Leave your WordPress site issues to We are WordPress professionals at your service to provide you with a complete package of WordPress support and maintenance services. We have expertise in dealing with all emergency fixes of your site, providing you with 24/7 WordPress support, and monitoring your site and appearance. We have it all organized under one roof, aka one website, i.e.,  

We are here to let website owners focus on their businesses while we make sure their WordPress sites are optimized and suited to their business needs. We understand how difficult it can be to run a business successfully if you continuously have thoughts of your site, lacking the required health to run along. This is why we are here with our flexible WordPress site services.  

Trust us to make your site a winner on the runway! 

CSS Development

Many people who don’t hire WordPress site professionals end up using already built themes that many other website owners are using as well. But to stand out in the market online, you should have a website design that rightly represents your personal style and your approach. Having a website that resonates with your business idea and its products enhances your credibility and your client’s trust.  

We at provide you with custom-built themes to make your website distinct from the rest. We are patient and eager to know what you want your site to look like and want to give you the exact same. Along with the perfect website themes, we will provide you with the following services: 

  • Quick CSS settings: to make your site appear more personalized to your preferences 
  • CSS / SCSS / SASS: we will use pre-processor for doing CSS such as SASS to make it easy to reuse these styles over and over again 
  • CSS Animations: these parts of CSS can get quite tricky for you, but for us, they are a play of the left hand. Using CSS animations, we can have more control over animations keyframes, their durations, and iterations. Through this, we will animate singular elements according to your requirements 
  • CSS transitions: to make your site look more dynamic we will add CSS transitions and hence will increase user experience over your site 
  • Modular CSS: we have increased access over changing the CSS of parts of a WordPress site by using Modular CSS. Having modules will allow us to make changes fast with zero chances of a collision. 
  • CSS Layouts (grid, flexbox): to make your site’s alignment and layout better, we use CSS Grid and flexbox, respectively. Both of these give different feasibilities to make the CSS of a WordPress site better 

Speed Optimization

This era is the era of speed. Time is money, and no one wants to lose a single penny. To be able to compete with your fellows in the online and physical space, you need to have a fast website. According to research, about 70% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

You only have 3 seconds to turn a lead into a client or a lost lead. It is best to leave your site speed issues to professionals and focus on making your business better.

We at work for making sure that your site loads fast enough, and your customers never leave your site before making a purchase. We will optimize your site by compressing its images, reducing CSS, etc., and hence make it load with the speed of light. We also do the following to make your site load under 3 seconds of time. 

  • Fastest WordPress hosting: Check if you are using the right web hosting provider as your site being perfectly fine can still cause issues due to pure Webhosting providers 
  • Fast themes: Use a lightweight WordPress theme or make a custom one make your site load faster 
  • Reduce asset sizes: reducing the sizes of the images used in your WordPress site can enhance the speed to many folds 
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS files: minification of these makes the styles and theme load faster and the overall site speed increases  
  • Optimize caching: using advanced caching mechanisms can make the cache cover lesser space on your website and hence make the user experience be smooth and fast 
  • Use CDN: using a CDN reduces latency and also help in preventing site crashes if there is traffic overflow 
  • Keep WordPress database clean: we clean your site’s database by removing extra data like revisions, spam comments, trashed comments, etc. which results in fewer files to backup 

Malware Removal

It’s very annoying when your own site recognizes you as a threat to the site’s security. This mostly happens when your site is under a malicious malware attack.

This malware can render your site security, give way to online hackers to be able to hack your site easily, and affect your client’s privacy breach. To get rid of this situation, we at provide the Emergency Support feature through which we perform a scan over your site and check for any hacks or malware. We give quick WordPress fixes and services. 

We set up the right protection plans and get your site rid of any malware. We ensure the privacy of your site, your business, and your client’s sensitive details. Leaving your WordPress site to trained professionals like us will be a long-lasting good decision. Along with that, we do the following: 

  • Backup all your data: so that if in case your site crashes after a malware removal or an updation, you will have all your data secure at one place  
  • Increase the security of your WordPress site: activate security plugins to block all spam attacks. To prevent the site from getting a malicious malware attack. 
  • Reclassify your site for google to detect it as a secure site: google ranking is important, and google will do so once it detects your site to be secure for the community. We make your site secure and reclassify it to make it rank on google again. 
  • Remove google warnings: these warnings can only be removed by making your site secure, and we do so by removing any security breaches or malware attacks. 

Divi theme issues

You may have chosen the Divi theme based on its ease of installation when you were constructing your WordPress site. But sooner or later, you would have experienced certain theme problems. You may suffer from SEO issues or site speed issues.

All these problems can render your business growth, and your traffic flows. We at, as you can see on our services page, handle all these issues, and make the Divi theme give its maximum functionality.  

The CEO of has been a member of the support team of Elegant Themes, which is a developer company of Divi. Hence, we have the right knowledge to deal with any Divi theme issues. Our extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript enables us to run your Divi -themed WordPress site at its highest potential. 

Custom Service

We are the right support platform to give you any kind of custom WordPress help. We are highly excelled at WordPress and value the thoughts of our worthy customers. Our aim is to deliver the best services that satisfy our customers to the highest possible level. We can give custom development of WordPress site to give you the results you had imagined for your blog. 

We give high attention to detail and keep a close check on what our customers are expecting from us. We give flexible WordPress customer service to our clients. Bring your visions to us, and we will listen to you patiently and keenly. Our expert developers will keep checking on the tiniest modifications you ordered us to make to your WordPress site.  

You can contact us through our provided contact details. Make us a call if you are extra anxious and want to deliver your requirements more clearly. You will find our services to be flexible and full of expertise in our field. We provide our customers with the cheapest custom support packages and have always found them returning back to us for more work.  

Give us a call and get to know about all our distinct WordPress site services. Hire experienced WordPress developers who will make you win in the website market. Let your issues and problems rest with us and have more time to spend on the actual business that you run. Let us be the doctors of your site, and we promise to give you a fully optimized, SEO polished, and flawless site that runs a long way in your business career!