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One-time WordPress Fix

Fast WordPress Help

  • Under 30 min. Duration
  • One small fix Content
  • Pay after the fix is done Transaction

One time WordPress help

If you are in search of WordPress professionals who would provide you one-time services, than is the website where you should shop. We provide One-time fix WordPress services and remove issues and errors you are facing with your WordPress site. Even if it’s a single WordPress issue, come to us and have the solution you have been looking for. 

By using this feature of One-time fix WordPress, you will not be paying for extra WordPress maintenance and support service. You will only pay for what you need, i.e., a solution of only a few issues with your WordPress site. Reach out to us through our contact details provided on our site or leave a message through the “Ask Me Anything” form on the contact us page. 

We are actively available on each channel. Waiting for you to get rid of those agitating WordPress issues. This one-time fix WordPress will charge you $25 and will only take under 30 minutes to be executed fully.  

Explain your issue

We at are here to solve all your WordPress issues in a short time. All you need to do is to explain whatever issues you are facing with your WordPress site. May it be a WordPress white screen of death or a WordPress memory exhaustion, we can handle it all. Worry no more as is a service to solve all your WordPress site issues in no time at all.

To many people who don’t have a deeper knowledge of WordPress might take a lot of time and might charge a lot as well for very basic issues with your site. Trust with your money and time as we are professionals of WordPress and know our work to the best.

We do the fast fix

Our highly experienced team will take up any of your WordPress site issues to fix. We work at a fast pace and don’t let our clients waiting around for duration longer than that we claim, i.e., max 30 mins for a WordPress fix. We are people who respect the time and money of our clients.

We will first listen to all of the issues you might be facing. Then we will initiate the fix by first creating a secure backup of your WordPress site. In the end, we will perform the ninja fix and will fix your WordPress site immediately. Neither would you have to wait for a time longer than we have claimed and nor you will be asked for extraneous charges. 

Pay for the fix

As stated above, our client’s time and money are equally valued by us at We will not charge you before or during the process of the fix. We will only ask you to pay once you are 100% satisfied with the working of your site.

Our happy clients are our only reward for the hard work we do to solve their WordPress issues. We not only want to charge you for our services but want you to get your issues solved by us. Your trust, once put in us, will not be lost at any cost. We ensure to provide with results that we have promised, i.e., entire removal of issues from your WordPress site.

Why choose WordPress I Fix for a one-time fix?

You might get quite stressed out when you can’t find someone who can fix minor and major WordPress issues for your site. We at care about our customers and are available 24×7 to free your site from all the errors it has. Our extensive knowledge of WordPress allows us to configure if your site only needs a small fix or not. 

Your site might only have an installation error, or a poor plugin might be creating problems. Such little errors will only need a one-time service from us, and your site will be good to go. Trust us with your site issues, and we assure you a service that’s both economical and reliable!