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2021: Top Security Plugins for WordPress

Security WordPress Plugins 2021

WordPress is the most popular CMS; however, it is vulnerable. Almost every day, thousands of websites fall prey to the dirty business of hackers. Hackers could attack all those websites that lack security plugins for protection.

A good security plugin will provide security to your WordPress website and give you a feeling of relief that your business is secure. Are you interested to know about security plugins? Here we will provide you with complete information about the top security plugins for 2021.

What is a WordPress Security Plugin?

The WordPress security plugin protects the security of your site.  A security plugin protects every entry point of your website to make it secure in every possible way.

The Advantages of Word Press Security Plugin

There are mainly three advantages of the WordPress Security plugin.

  • It protects your site from hacking attempts.
  • The plugin defends your site against brute force attacks.
  • It guards your site against malware infections.

Top Security Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Multiple security plugins are available in the market to protect your site. If you want to know the top ones, we will help you with complete information about the top security plugins in 2021.


Sucuri is one of the best protection tools for your WordPress website. It protects the site from evil codes, malware, and HTA attacks.

Features of Sucuri Security Plugin

  • It works as a security auditor and monitors all the login attempts to your site.
  • Sucuri monitors your website on blacklist engines.
  • It provides you post-hacking security actions.
  • Sucuri can detect changes in the files if some has changed your files.


WordFence security plugin protects the site from a variety of threats such as bugs hacks. You can get free and paid version of it.

Features of WordFence Security Plugin

  • It blocks unknown logins.
  • WordFence enables two-factor authentication.
  • It has a Malware scanner.
  • It has a country blocking feature.

iTheme Security

The iTheme security plugin is one of the best security plugins in 2021. It protects your site from suspicious users and guards it against brute attacks. iTheme has more than Thirty options to protect your site.

Features of iTheme Security Plugin

  • It enables two-factor authentication.
  • It has integrity checks.
  • iThemes limit login attempts.
  • It has WordPress security checks.


MalCare is a user-friendly security plugin because it automatically scans and removes malware from your WordPress website.

Features of MalCare Security

  • It automatically removes malware from your site.
  • It immediately scans all your files.
  • MalCare blocks suspicious IP addresses.
  • It conveys data threats.

WebARX Security

It is one of the most useful security plugins to use in 2021. WebARX security tool does not only protect your WordPress website but also supports every PHP application.

Features of WebARX Security

  • It is user-friendly.
  • It monitors the security of your site.
  • WebARX has virtual patching and automatically patch theme and plugin vulnerabilities of your site.

If you are going to start your WordPress website in 2021 or already have one and want to make it secure. These top security plugins are for you to monitor your website’s security and make it secure from hackers.